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The Restaurant is placed in the Montelupi House also known as the Italian House.

The story of the building dates back to the Middle Ages when first rooms, in which the Restaurant No7 is now situated, were built. The oldest remains of the medieval wall coming from the 13th century are next to the stairs at the entrance to the Restaurant.

700 years ago the gothic halls were entered from the level of the Main Square in Krakow, straight from the street and the situation lasted until the second half of the 14th century. Then, a perron (Children’s Room) was created and it started to function as the entrance to the building. Now, it is located under the pavement of the Main Market Square.

For hundreds of years the level of the Market was being raised, and that is why one of the most important halls is situated under the ground nowadays. The remains of the medieval paving can be found in the building perron, in the Children’s Room. In the Middle Ages, at the place of the Restaurant, there was the representative hall of the Merchant Congregation’s house – the hall with the cross vault and arches based on stone pillars which today is the first room of the Restaurant.

It was here as well as in the neighboring tenements, where in September 1364 Mikołaj Wierzynek threw his legendary feast which went down in history for the presence of superb guests.

The tenement was rebuilt in the middle of the 16th century by the Montelupi family.

The tenement at Rynek Główny 7 seated the first regular Polish post office, established in 1568 and kept by Sebastian Montelupi.

In 1606 the Montelupi House was joined with Pod Jaszczurką and Firlejowskiej (7 – 9) for the celebration of the wedding party of Dimitr Samozwaniec with the daughter of Sandomyr voivode.

After 1673, the building belonged to the Italian Brotherhood – it seated spacious warehouses and shops.

In 1793 some rooms were rented by the German theater. During 750 years of it existing, the tenement has been several times joined with and separated from the tenement no. 8.

In 1939 the Main Market Square changed its name to Adolf-Hitler Platz. On the ground floor and the first floor of the tenement the German bank was opened.

In March, 2011 the Restaurant No7 was established.
The No7 Restaurant is placed in the Main Market Square near St. Mary’s Church and the Cloth Hall.

Spacious interior, the richness of taste and kind service will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

We have a special room for children.

At our Guests’ disposal are two elegant, air-conditioned 17th-century restaurant rooms which may seat as many as 140 people.
Our Chef does his best to satisfy the tastes of all the gourmets and food experts.

The Menu changes according to the season of the year. However, we specialize in Polish and Italian cuisine.